It is more likely for young people to try out alcohol and drugs, and once they get used to it, it becomes a habit which they carry on as they grow into adults. It is necessary that addiction is prevented in teenagers so that they would have a successful life as adults.

Basically, the goal of prevention of addiction in teenagers, is making sure that, they have their first drink when their brain has been developed to a stage where they are able to acquire good decision making skills.

It is very necessary that addiction in teenagers is not overlooked. There is a possibility that some would eventually drop the behaviour. However, we cannot be too sure, hence, it is better to set up preventive measures.

Addicted teens could come up with mental health problems, which could either be anxiety or depression, or even a combination of both. When they face this on a regular basis, it would affect their reasoning, and they would be unstable individuals with unsettled minds.

Also, there is huge possibility that they would have strained relationships with their family and friends. This happens because, when addiction sets in, they would see every need to hide it from their loved ones, so that they do not know. With time, they start telling all sorts of lies, and their communication pattern with their family and friends becomes affected.

School officials, government societies and community heads are always on the lookout for ways on how to combat addiction and also prevent it in teenagers. Addiction in teenagers happens to be a widespread problem, however, it has been reported that the rate has reduced over the years.

One of the most effective method, is educating teens on the risks associated with drug and alcohol. A good number of teenagers are not in the right state to make decisions which would better shape their future, and taking these substances would further prevent them from doing so. When teenagers are better educated on substance abuse, they would be able to make better choices.

On a concluding note, once their parents are also involved in this prevention process, you can be sure that addiction would be scarce among their children.

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