Ways to tell if your teenager is addicted

If your teenager is addicted, it is a bad omen because growing up with the addiction into adulthood would be fully disadvantageous for them. In fact, some teenagers are unaware that they are addicted. To them, their condition is normal because they are bent on satisfying themselves.

The common types of addiction that teenagers suffer from: video gaming, gambling addiction, drugs and alcohol addiction and others.  

If you are suspecting your teenager is addicted, here are some signs that confirm your suspicion


Typically, anyone who is addicted would prefer to keep to themselves and this is what an addicted teenager would do. The reason for their isolation is to ensure you do not criticize them as regards their addiction.

The mistake people make is when their loved ones are addicted, they use the criticism approach instead of the friendly approach. This is why addicted people shy away from those close to them, and they draw towards those who encourage their addiction.  

Academic problems

An addicted teenager would find it difficult to focus fully on their academics. This is because their attention is on their addiction and they would only pay attention to their academics when it is time for tests or exams.

Hence, if you notice that a once brilliant child is performing woefully, you might want to check in with them and confirm if they are addicted or not.

Physical Signs

Another way to tell if your teenager is addicted is observing abrupt physical signs. If your teenager suddenly gains weight or losses it drastically, it could be they are addicted. Also, watch out for signs in their eyes, head, lips and a host of others. These physical signs are typical of substance addiction.

As a parent, it is important that you draw close to your teenager more than ever. This could be one of the ways to know the recent happenings in their lives. Your relationship with your teenager is key to helping them either prevent or treat their addiction.