Support for Parents of Addicted Teens

addicted teenager parent supportParents of teenagers who struggle with addiction can feel very alone in the ways their family is different. In reality, they are far from alone. Teenage addiction is much more common than many parents think. The transition from childhood to teen years is very jarring, and at times distressing. An increasing number of teenagers are turning to addictive behaviors and substances to cope with the hardships of being a teenager. Or they are merely trying to fit in but became addicted in the process. Even if the teen is working on recovering from addiction, relapses and emotional scenes are bound to happen. Parents desperately need support through these hardships. Below is a list of ways that parents of addicted teens can come together and support one another:

  • Support Groups. There are groups created specifically for parents of teens who are recovering from addiction. It is a common enough trend that a need is present for a meeting place for parents who are in the same boat. Contact the addiction treatment or mental health services network in your local area to learn what is available.
  • Chat Forums. There is a chat forum for most every group of people, no matter how obscure. Addiction is a universal condition, as is being a troubled loved on of an addict, young or old. Chat forums are available to parents of addicted teens who need to learn what other people have done when faced with the situation they are in.
  • Counseling. Parenting a teenager through addiction can be traumatic as they do not act or seem like themselves. Some teenagers become abusive and violent toward their parents, and┬ámoving on from┬áthese scenes can be very difficult. There are counselors who specialize in parenting difficulty and addiction who can be an incredible help to parents in these situations.
  • Literature. Do not underestimate the power of good self-help literature. Books written by addiction and mental health experts can get you through some dark days of parenting an addicted teen. Your behavior toward your teenager can influence their choices, and good reads from credible sources can help.

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